Wire SculptureWire Sculpture 2Wire Sculpture 3Wire Sculpture 4Wire Sculpture 4Wire Sculpture 5Eye 1940Glasses on the Back of the head '41Port OlgaIris Miller 1941-03Lucy C Preforated 41Lucy C Preforated 41 2Lips 10-29-40Audrey Aiger 2Audrey Aiger Solarizoediris miller 05Iris Miller Negative worked onIris Miller 6Iris Miller 5iris miller 03Iris Miller 2Homer Page Fall 1940Francis B solarized 1940Expermentialreflections on bulb '42Prott, D. Somonauk spring-'41Norm Martin 1 of the montage 2 of 3Norm Martin 3 of the montageNorm Martin Spring 1941Norm Martin Spring 1941 3Norm Martin Spring 1941 2Norm Martin Montage back 1941Norm Martin Montage 1941Norm Martin Fall 1940Norm Martin Double image 1941Norm Martin Chicago 1940D. Margolis Summer 1938V. Knapic Summer 1941H. Kahn, Somonauk Spring 1941Home Page summer 1940Homer Page Fall 1940Home Page Fall 1940 2Homer Page Fall 1940H. DeDiego Spring 1941A. Carrara Fall 1941Archipenko Summer 1941Archipenko Summer 1941 2
Chicago School of Design, 1938 – 1941. This group of previously unseen and historically significant images were found after my father’s passing in 2000. This collection of photographic negatives, taken during his student days at the School of Design in Chicago, are all prior to December 7, 1941 when he left to enlist in the Army Air Corp. They have scanned, restored and processed.