Rose Mandel PhotographsHal and Olga Self portraitCommerical Photography of M. Halberstadt for advertising and personal projects.Sanibel Sea School AfterSanibel Sea School BeforeM. Halberstadt's photos of HalprinAudrey Aiger Solarizoed1 Retouching Before2 Retouching AfterSanibel Sea School-originalSanibel Sea School-correctedSample1 unprocessedSample1 processedSample3 unprocessedSample3 processedSample2 unprocessed
Hundreds of images, years of work digitally archiving and restoring old, badly stored images. Scanning, color correcting, spotting old files badly kept in an almost open-air storage bin. Museum quality scan and restoration for Rose Mandel’s series of photographs of Richard Diebenkorn painting a painting. Photographed in his Berkeley studio in 1956. Only one shown here.