Self Portrait

Piet Halberstadt
A multi­fac­eted artist and designer where curiosity leads creativity to new disci­plines and work.

I love the process of creating and producing. My history in a wide variety of pursuits has lead to prac­tical expe­ri­ence in many fields. I have worked many agency print studios as a digital print artist, published and illus­trated books, had gallery exhi­bi­tions, designed promo­tion and branding systems, have expe­ri­ence in ; photog­raphy, digital color systems and proofing, typog­raphy, digital photo restora­tion and graphic design.

I am a maven in print prepress using Adobe Creative Suite, Triple-Triangle and own a license for QuarkExpress. I am inter­ested free­lance posi­tions as a senior print studio artist where I can utilize and expand my exten­sive expe­ri­ence in an ener­getic envi­ron­ment. Fast-paced is good. Current assign­ments include large and small agencies where I work with art direc­tors and produc­tion teams or without. My exten­sive prepress expe­ri­ence has lead to multiple extended assign­ments and many ongoing rela­tion­ships.

My varied back­ground ranges from package designer ; edito­rial Art Director ; TV broad­cast news to prepress expert. I was staff at Doremus adver­tising agency in Manhattan for 13 years in the print studio.

My assign­ments have ranged from typo­graph­i­cally heavy finan­cial tomb­stone ads and announce­ments, to the current B2B image centric campaigns with multiple inser­tions in multiple publi­ca­tions, domestic and foreign. Each campaign had strict corpo­rate branding guide­lines on presen­ta­tions, comp retouching and mockups.
My innate curiosity in my profes­sion never wains. I test new tech­nolo­gies and software packages to see if they deliver as adver­tised. I have recom­mended changes to devel­opers. As the in-house print software expert I was the go-to person for advice on every­thing from purchasing studio software, hardware, font tech­nolo­gies and color systems or how to use the software. I am profi­cient in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and yes, I do have Quark and am comfort­able in keynote. I am expert in print produc­tion processes and digital color prac­tices, knowl­edge gained by exten­sive, hands-on expe­ri­ence through a wide variety of projects and an ever expanding skill-set. I keep expanding my digital knowl­edge executing photo restora­tions and correc­tions for archives, collec­tions and publishing. During my tenure at an Advertising agency I was asked to write the studio process manual section for the agency guide and volun­teered to stream­line in-house office forms by changing them from printed to reusable fillable PDFs ; expanding the agency’s branding, saving time, money and tempers.

Entrepreneurial projects : Interactive Direct Publishing ; currently 2 titles published in digital epub and kindle formats with print-on-demand editions, currently avail­able through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and iBook. I created these books from layout to code and print using InDesign.

Photo digital processing ; scanned , restored and archived 150, 50+ year-old 8 x 10 trans­paren­cies of adver­tising food photog­raphy, some badly faded, now archived at the University of California, Davis ; scanned and processed a large collec­tion of histor­i­cally signif­i­cant photo­graphic nega­tives taken at the Chicago School of Design pre WWII and the famed San Francisco Anna Halprin dancing on stage in the 1950s ; scanned and processed 48 of Rose Mandel’s 1956 black and white nega­tives of Richard Diebenkorn painting in his Berkeley studio, used in the San Francisco De Young Museum exhi­bi­tion and catalog and by the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Digitally processed, color corrected and retouched ongoing projects and stock photog­raphy.

I devel­oped these websites to promote my personal inter­ests :
CommunityOfCreatives​.com, San Francisco’s artists 50s to 70s
GeezersGallery​.com San Francisco’s creatives in the golden age of adver­tising
DeborahAguado​.com A remark­able jewelry designer

Positions and Experience
Studio Artist, Photo restorer/​retoucher
Clients include ; TBWA/​Chiat/​Day, Doremus Advertising, Lippencott, Agency Sacks, Donovan/​Green, Rose Mandel/​Susan Ehrens Photographic Trust, Serino/​Coyne, and more.

Previous Positions :
Senior Studio Artist, Doremus Advertising.
Prepress mechan­ical and trou­bleshooting for the adver­tising agency print studio preparing finan­cial, corpo­rate tomb­stone ads and corpo­rate campaigns for release to publi­ca­tions around the world utilizing Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

Freelance Studio Artist & Designer 1987 to 2001, New York and San Francisco
Prepress : digital and tradi­tional graphic produc­tion for a wide variety of adver­tising agencies and design studios in New York City and San Francisco. Creative : art direc­tion & design for print adver­tising, direct mail, corpo­rate identity, promo­tion, collat­eral material, pack­aging and print produc­tion. Employing computer and tradi­tional art tech­niques. Projects : conceived and designed direct mail package for consumer cosmetics, researched and targeted market for promo­tion campaign and imple­mented a cost-effec­tive program to create name recog­ni­tion in market­place. Designed and produced label and container for new liquor product line. Redesigned maga­zines from logo to edito­rial format which rede­fined and modern­ized their images, estab­lish corpo­rate identity struc­ture. Expanded format to include Japanese editions. In 1995 Designed digital inter­ac­tive sales tool for paper manu­fac­ture utilizing computer to present and sell paper stock. Designed digital inter­ac­tive sales tool for WeightWatchers Magazine to promote and sell media space in the publi­ca­tion. 1994 Wrote, designed, illus­trated and produced The Illustrated Cookie, a cook book for Macmillan Clients included : Rose Mandel/​Susan Ehrens Archive, BMG Distribution, Harper Collins Publishers, Polmos of Bialystok, Tupman/​Thurlow, Inc., Arms Communications, City Guide Magazine, Coakley Heagerty Advertising, BodyTech, and P.O.C. International /​Excell Magazine, Macmillan Publishing.

WWOR TV News, New York, N.Y. Television News Graphics Director June 1977 to August 1985
Responsibilities : all on-air commu­ni­ca­tion graphics for News Department’s live programs.

A Home Decorating Magazine, New York, N.Y. Editorial Art Director 1975 to 1977 
Family Health Magazine New York, N.Y. Assistant Art Director 1972 to 1975
House Beautiful Magazine, New York, N.Y. Editorial Designer 1971 to 1972
Photographer’s Assistant M. Halberstadt Illustration Photography San Francisco, CA 1970 to 1971
Warren A. Kass Graphics, New York
Arthur Schwartz Assoc., New York
Tepper/​Steinhilber Industrial DesignSan Francisco, CA

Education : San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art, SVA